Adoption terms and conditions

All animals homed by Rabbit Rescue Reading, remains at all times the property of Rabbit Rescue Reading. Should the adopter wish, for any reason, to part with the animal, the animal has to be returned to Rabbit Rescue Reading. Under no circumstances must the animal be re-homed by the adoptee. Rabbit Rescue Reading must be notified at least 24 hours before the animal is to be returned.

A donation is expected for each animal. This varies depending on the animal being adopted. This is a voluntary donation paid to Rabbit Rescue Reading and is in no way a payment for an adopted animal. The animal is not sold to the adoptee.

Under no circumstances is any animal adopted from Rabbit Rescue Reading to be used for breeding. In larger animals castration or spaying must be carried out by the adoptee as soon as possible after adoption.

All animals are vetted and believed to be in normal health, Rabbit Rescue Reading will accept no liability.

The adoptee is responsible for the welfare and behaviour of the animal. No liability or responsibility will be accepted by Rabbit Rescue Reading should the animal cause any accident, damage or injury to person, property or other animal.

Rabbit Rescue Reading strongly recommend that the adoptee takes out pet insurance, if possible for the type of animal adopted, to cover veterinary fees. Further more, Rabbit Rescue Reading recommends the adoptee purchase a suitable book to instruct them on how best to care for the adopted animal.