About us

I have been providing a home for abandoned rabbits for over twenty years. Initially I volunteered to help another rescue with housing a few rabbits, but over time the number has grown and grown, often having over 20 rabbits in residence at any one time.

We all live in Theale which is ten minutes west of Reading and 20 minutes from Newbury. I live with my husband and our rescued dog..Greta

I aim to offer all the rabbits that come into my care a safe and happy home until they are adopted in to a loving new family. I am responsible for housing the rabbits, feeding them a good diet of hay, mixed vegetables and dried food as well as looking after any medical needs that may arise.

My husband and I have built a very large sheltered area at the bottom of our garden to accommodate the growing number of rabbits that come into our care. We have worked tirelessly to ensure all the rabbits are under cover and have a good-sized hutch that they can call home. All this has been at our own personal expense.

I devote my own time, money and resources, all for the love of these wonderful rabbits who are looking for a well-deserved second chance in life. I have a close relationship working with vets in both the Reading and Newbury areas as well as with the RSPCA.

As Rabbits are social animals they prefer being in pairs rather than on their own so I have been known to play cupid to many of the rabbits that have come in to my care, allowing these beautiful rabbits the chance of companionship with each other.

Unfortunately the work is never ending as there are always more rabbits needing a place to feel safe and be loved and round the clock checking up and feeding. I would love to hear from caring families who are willing to adopt these rabbits so I can keep rescuing.

Along with the rescued rabbits, I also have hutches for rabbits and guinea pigs to stay while their owners are on holiday. I offer this service so owners can be safe in the knowledge that their much loved bunny or piggy will be in capable hands, enjoying a little holiday of their own! It also helps us raise a little more money to pay for the mountain of food that the bunnies get through!!