Are you able to give one of these beautiful rabbits a safe new home, with the love and attention it deserves? If the answers yes I would love to hear from you.

Below you will see rabbits for adoption…( A Donation for any Rabbit adopted would be appreciated..Thank you ). It is also worth calling me as I may have new rabbits that haven’t been listed yet. Also I have several PAIRS of rabbits that need loving homes together..update….

2016  we  rehomed  32 rabbits

2017  we rehomed  38 rabbits

Caramel..age 1 year ..vaccinated Male

Marshmellow..age 1 year..neutered and vaccinated Female

Bruce.. age 2 ( Black).. and Shelah.. age 5 neutered and vaccinated

Olaf (white) and Oscar ..age 3 …neutered and vaccinated

Freddie..18 months ..neutered and vaccinated

Jack ..18 months..neutered and vaccinated

Jonny..18 months..neutered and vaccinated Netherland Dwarf


Bramble and Clover ..4 year old females


Holly .. & .. Ivy …5 years old

For more Information on any of these Rabbits please contact me on.. 01189 302864

Mobile……07769343418..or go to our contact page.. thank you


If you are unable to care for your animal anymore, please do not just dump them, please take them to a local vet or contact the RSPCA, they will help you do the right thing. Giving up a pet is hard, but please don’t make it harder on the animal, take them to a place of safety.